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The Lost Head of Mata Hari

"The Lost Head of Mata Hari" was a private Dark Passage event culminating in a feast in the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel. In that tunnel we created a 10 speaker/5 computer sound installation inspired by World War I music, CIA shortwave radio, and stories of German spies making mustard gas in the tunnel during World War I.

The software and the music was written by Hans-Christoph Steiner and Josh Steiner.

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We built this software from scratch for creating interactive, multi-channel sound installations. It is free software released under the GNU GPL and is programmed in Pd. It has been replaced by the next generation of the same idea, called atorat.

Copyright (C) at.or.at, released under the GNU GPL

Download CVS tarball: Matahari.tar.gz

View CVS: http://cvs.at.or.at/viewcvs.cgi/Matahari/

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